SCOTLANDDunnottar Castle, Stonehaven

- Stunning scottish landscape in five frames -

Why did I choose a Dunnottar Castle for this post? Mainly because it’s hidden in the middle of nowhere, it’s extremely hard to find, there are almost no pictures of it and… yeah right. Just like it never rains in Scotland, sure. Anyway, the reason was “a bit” different this time. I chose it because this place is really challenging. As everyone probably knows, Dunnottar Castle is one of the most recognizable castles and iconic tourist destination in Scotland. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you have to go to Stonehaven.

That ruined fortress is placed atop a cliff which creates a stunning scenery itself. It looks so unusually. No wonder that so many people decide to visit it every day. And because all of them is taking lots of photos, it’s kinda tricky to show that place your own way. Nevertheless, I tried. I wanted to get a truly picturesque look by incorporating the surrounding landscape and of course catching good light. I think it really enriches it’s beauty and makes it even more attractive. Certainly, you can get a better view on its scale, as well. And trust me, watching how that beautiful cliff with Dunnottar Castle kinda divided the day and night (look at the last image) was just amazing. Simply speaking, the great beginning of the day. Didn’t even care it was raining – what you can also see in the picture.

These five shots give a totally different feeling about how this place really looks like. And I think that five should be more than enough for one castle. Even if that’s a Dunnottar Castle.

Check out Dunnottar Castle – The Official Guide Book with one of my photos featured inside HERE.

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