SCOTLANDGlencoe, Scotland

- Without snow but still beautiful -

Buachaille   Etive   Mòr   And   Three   Sisters

Glencoe is one of the places in Scotland that doesn’t need to be introduced. Everyone knows it. Even if most don’t know how to pronounce the names of all those hills and mountains, you can expect one thing while being there. Stunning and beautiful views. Considering the fact how often Glencoe appears in every type of social media, it shouldn’t be wrong to say it’s the biggest Scottish National pride amongst the entire Scottish Highlands. And what’s important it’s every kind of tourist friendly. You can admire all beauty of that place without even living your car, literally. So if you’re lazy or forgot to take your comfortable shoes you can easily pass the Black Rock Cottage and Buachaille Etive Mor, drive through the Skyfall or the lost Valley with Three Sisters – still sitting inside a car. And if you think that everything looks too hazy, simply open a window. But I recommend using your own feet more often. However, doesn’t matter how lucky you are. Finally, you will get stuck behind someone who decides to take a picture of a Skyfall right from his car. Well, probably too expensive DSLR occurred to be too heavy as well. Even Daniel Craig moved his beautiful backside out of a car. So if you’re a fan, please do the same next time 🙂

Anyway, being more serious – this place is truly beautiful. An epic place for every landscape photographer to visit. However, captured by so many photographers that it’s nearly impossible to avoid taking pictures of some major, well-known frames. And this time I didn’t even want to. I really wanted to focus on the most famous and characteristic spots there. It doesn’t matter if it’s Black Rock Cottage, Buachaille Etive Mor or Three Sisters, you can always show it your own way. The weather is changing so quickly that you have to fill the right moment. That’s the beauty of landscape photography. You can always create a completely different image even with the same frame. And it doesn’t depend on the camera you have but only your creativity. Just like with the Black Rock Cottage. I couldn’t resist taking two pictures of it. I like that variety. Barely visible Buachaille Etive Mor in the first one. And that “tiny” cloudy accent on the top of Etive Mor in the second one. Not to mention vibrant colours of the sky. Amazing!


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