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The   Isle   of   Skye   –   Mecca   for   tourists

The Isle of Skye for most tourists visiting Scottish Highlands is one of four “must-see” places. That’s the final destination of the very popular route that goes through Glencoe, Fort William, Glenfinnan and Isle of Skye. No wonder why, those are the most iconic places with stunning scenery. The other thing is that’s the result of very good promotion of Scotland. Without a doubt, an appearance of those places in gigantic movie productions had a huge impact on their popularity as well. Brave Heart, James Bond, recently Outlander. And let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to see a Glenfinnan Viaduct with a train from Harry Potter series, even if Daniel Radcliffe won’t be there? And that’s true that without that connection it wouldn’t attract so many people. It’s just how it works. However, the key is it would still look stunning. And that’s the reason to go there and explore a bit more. Not because of its popularity but because it looks impressive. To see many more pictures from Scottish Highlands check out my other posts.

Anyway, this time I decided to share a few pictures I took during my wild camp on The Skye. Everyone wants to go there and everyone should. And the funny thing is that going through the Skye is a bit like doing shopping in a supermarket. Everything is in sight and within reach. You start from one side of the isle and “easily grab” every gem that place can offer. One by one. Basically without any effort. There’s a Storr, Kilt Rock and right after that picturesque Quirrang. Then drive across the Isle and there’s a Fairy Glen on the other side. After that keep going along the west-cost and stop near Glendale to see the Neist Point Lighthouse, then Talisker Bay and Fairy Pool. Elgol with a stunning view over Cullin mountains is a bit further from the main road but that’s only half an hour drive.
So if you fancy going to Skye and see that stunning landscape just have a look on my pictures first. Selection of six places to visit on the Isle of Skye that’ll help you do “the shopping” there.


  1. The Storr

  2. Quiraing

  3. Kilt Rock

  4. Neist Point Lighthouse

  5. Talisker Bay

  6. Fairy Pools

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