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A Rainy Elopement in the Scottish HighlandsElopement

When the forecast shows yellow warning of rain and wind in the Scottish Highlands the best thing you can do is to…certainly go out there and take some cool pictures. Especially if you’re with such a lovely and full of energy people like I had a chance to be with. After two day session (first one in Glasgow and the second one at Loch Lomond Shores) we still had some time, so we decided to take some more pictures before they headed back home to London.

It was still about an hour before the sunset but it was already getting darker and visibility dropped significantly because of the rain showers. For sure it was not the type of the golden hour I would be normally hoping for doing landscape photography but this time it turned out to be a golden hour for us. After a few minutes we were all completely soaked, cold (it was almost December!) and my camera looked like taken out from the loch but obviously… we didn’t care at all.
Thanks again to Iruoma and Augustine for all the great time we had during those two days of photos, especially for bearing with extreme weather till we got all the great shots.

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