SCOTLANDPap of Glencoe, Sgorr na Ciche

- Sleepless wild camp on a summit -

Pap   of   Glencoe,   Sgorr   na   Ciche

The route to the summit of Pap of Glencoe begins at the same place as the one that leads to Sgorr nam Fiannaidh. It’s exactly the same track up to 460 m and then splits which gives you the possibility to turn towards Sgorr na Ciche – Pap of Glencoe – instead. It’s an enjoyable option but if you decide to camp there just be prepared with having difficulties finding enough space that is roughly even to pitch a tent there. Pap is just a knee-shaped summit (I think I’ve just invented that term). Nevertheless, that’s how it looks like and why it’s so hard to lay down comfortably there. Anyway, I somehow managed to find somewhat good enough spot where I could spend the night. The spot was not so good at all frankly speaking so there was no chance of getting a good sleep there. But still better than nothing.

Maybe Pap of Glencoe is not that exciting as getting to the Sgorr nam Fiannaidh and Aonach Eagach but still gives a chance to admire a picturesque landscape. Especially looking towards Glencoe Village and Loch Leven. Not to mention pick of the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis (still covered with snow). By the way, it was probably the most colourful and vibrant scenery of the Scottish Highlands I’ve ever seen. Not only sunset but also sunrise the next morning were just stunning.

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