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Loch Coruisk Elopement, Isle of SkyeScotland

– Zane and Rihards’ romantic Loch Coruisk elopement on Isle of Skye –

What brought me to Isle of Skye this time was a lovely couple who decided to have me captured their Loch Coruisk Elopement. Zane and Rihards travelled all the way from England to elope here in Scotland at Loch Coruisk.
It actually took a while before we got to meet each other since the initial elopement date had to be postponed from last year due to travel restrictions.
Happily, this time nothing was in our way and we all could go to Skye and meet there for the first time. Their elopement turned out to be quite international since Zane and Rihards are originally from Latvia. Moreover, the registrar was from Germany and the witness from Scotland. I’m not sure about the origin of the seals that we passed by on our way to Loch Coruisk but I imagine they were more likely natives.

What happened next is…well, I’ll let the pictures tell the story of that day. Oh boy, and what a day it was!
Before you jump into the gallery let me just sneak in a quick note. I do have to say that every time I travel to Isle of Skye I know that I’m about to experience and see something new. And I’ve been to Skye many times before. Whether it’s for elopement photography or strictly for hiking activity, I’m always struck by how gorgeous this place is. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s got to be sunshine. In fact, rain, hail or gusty wind – it all gives a totally different perspective and appreciation for that stunning landscape. So if you’re thinking about getting there simply take it for what it is, but for sure you won’t be disappointed.

I always feel so incredibly grateful to be in a place like this. Especially, when I get to document such emotional elopements, very much just like this recent Loch Coruisk elopement. I can’t wait to be back there.

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