ItalyLago di Braies, Italy

- A Greenish Lake in the Autumn -

Magical Gem from Dolomites

There are some places you need to put a lot of effort to get to. Amazing gems given by nature that are not destined for everyone to be seen live, mainly due to their limited accessibility. Places where you cannot get to by your car or any other kind of transport. Either it’s a few hours hike or climb it’s always your determination and persistence that will let you to get there. It’s always a tough thing to do but the reward is incomparable to anything. That proud feeling of accomplishment that makes you stronger mentally and prepares for the next adventures is priceless.

Lago di Braies due to its location and magically looking landscape, might make you feel like it’s one of that hidden and hard-to-reach gems. That’s how special it looks. Especially in Autumn with that greenish water combined with orange colours from trees! Wow, simply STUNNING!

But the truth is that it’s not hidden at all and it’s absolutely easy to get there. Fortunately, because we didn’t have to work hard getting there at all. I would say that the most difficult part of that trip was to find a free spot in the nearby car park where we could leave our car. Which immediately leads to a very simple conclusion – we were not alone there. It was the end of the touristic season and the place was still fully packed with people. A crowd waiting to get on this small pier with boats to take a photo or actually use one of those boats. But don’t get me wrong. We were also a part of that crowd and fully responsible for its existence, so we don’t blame anybody more than ourselves 🙂 So it’s not that I’m complaining or anything like this. I do think that’s absolutely awesome we have such an amazing places on our planet and more people are able to visit them and share that expierience.

But man, there’s always that selfish voice in your head telling you how great it would be to have that place just for yourself, isn’t it? 🙂

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