SCOTLANDCorrie Fee and Loch Brandy, Glen Clova

- Corrie mountains walks -

Glen Clova is for sure one of the most beautiful places in east part of Scotland. There are really great walks for hiking there. And I think that two routes should be mentioned especially. First one leads to Loch Brandy and the second one to Corrie Fee. However, have in mind that being there and trying to decide which one to take is rather pointless. You just have to take both. I am sure that you will not regret it. Right after seeing what Cairngorms National Park has to offer you should be glad. At least I was.
Admittedly, Loch Brandy is relatively small, however the fact that it’s a type of a loch-hill makes it much more attractive. It looks exceptionally cause it’s laying at the bottom of a steep-sided, so called corrie mountain. But the great thing is that the entire area around Loch Brandy creates a tremendous landscape. I found that boggy grounds very useful for my photographs, especially after adding a small splash of creativity. 🙂
Nevertheless, the whole show and spectacular views begin when you reach Corrie Fee (amphitheater-like valley) – a National Nature Reserve. This is unquestionably amazing place with a truly stunning view. Not only in Glen Clova but in general. But what can we expect while standing in front of such a huge natural amphitheatre? It just needs to be breathtaking. What a place!


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