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Take   a   picture   of   water,   but   don’t   water   your   picture

Seascape photography seems to be an easy job to do. Theoretically, you’ve got everything that makes a perfect composition, even if such a thing doesn’t exist. Wide sky and sea separated from each other by the apparent line of horizon which is not obscured by any buildings, trees or mountains. What’s even better there is always something that can be used as interesting foregrounds. Of course, it all depends on the type of the beach. Doesn’t really matter if there’s a sand, rocks, stones or boulders. Everything works perfectly. All of them let to create a stunning picture. Its only up to photographer how to compose it, how to take an advantage of the wind and work with waves.

If everything seems to be rather effortless, why it is not that simple? Mainly due to the water. Well, having a water in the picture is a good thing. But having a water in your camera, hmm… let say I wouldn’t recommend that. Unfortunately, that’s what might happen if you’re not careful enough or just unlucky. Of course, it depends on waves, tides, how far from the shore you are, etc. The truth is that very often your composition is waiting for you exactly where it is almost impossible to stand and set your gear. Which always push you to risk more. Nevertheless, I will write about that in more details in another post.


Nail   That   Beach!

But there’s another problem you might need to face, just like I did. When I got to Arbroath Beach, my endless smile started to disappear. I just realized how tough this place is. That it won’t be as easy as always to find an interesting composition. I should be happy that there were so many rocks, seaweeds and algae on the beach. However, it was just too chaotic for the foreground. Nothing that would really boost the photo. And the worst thing is that the sky already started to get more colours. Anyway, it wasn’t time to complain but to be more creative and… to hurry up! And that’s where the real fun begins. You have to focus much harder than usual to earn the good shot. Nevertheless, if you manage that and succeed, the satisfaction is priceless.

Red   Seaton   Cliffs

Leaving the city without seeing Seaton Cliffs would be unreasonable, obviously. Everyone who had a chance to walk atop Seaton Cliffs certainly admired a variety of that sandstone phenomenon. Different shapes, patterns and forms create a spectacular scenery. Sea caves, arches, boulders – everything just in one place. There are so many possibilities in terms of landscape photography there. I didn’t have to worry about finding an interesting spot along the entire path, which is great. On the other hand that always becomes a „problem”. I just had too many ideas in my head. So it was kinda hard to decide which one to choose. Considering how fast the light was changing I had to shorten a bit the list of my possible shots. I didn’t really want to lose that great light. Anyway, to get them all, I still had to run as fast as I was able from one spot to another. But it was worth it.

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